Although there are currently no paid vacancies in the editorial team, you’re welcome to join us as a columnist, or publish your story as a contributing author.

Are you interested in penning your own column on To become a columnist you should have (a) a passion for a particular field technology, and be familiar with it when it comes to The Netherlands. We are looking for people with an opinion, who also have good writing skills. If you feel like you can be sharing your outlook on a topic concerning Dutch tech, and you can regularly deliver a feature, please contact 

You can also become a contributing author. This starts with delivering a story.

Normally, our features are running a 1,000-1,500 words; they are narratives with a clear single story line. By browsing our content, you can get the best idea about what can be published on All of our stories have a technological element in them and they are mostly tied to what’s happening in The Netherlands (there are exceptions).

Interviews for NRG Magazine are normally initiated by ourselves, unless sponsored or supported otherwise. However, if you have an exclusive access to a tech expert, let us know by writing an e-mail to

If you think that you have a story that should be published on, write us a short review of it and we will consider publishing it. In the review, try to answer next questions:

* what is the story about? Give an approx. word count and a deadline
* who is the possible interviewee, if any? what sources are you going to use?
* has any other media in The Netherlands covered the topic you selected? If yes, which new angle does your story take?
* why do you think you have the expertise to cover the subject?

Your story outlines can be sent to You should get an answer within 3-5 days.


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